Values of Natural Family Planning

  • What is Natural Family Planning?
  • What values are promoted by Natural Family Planning?
  • How effective is Natural Family Planning?
  • What are the methods of Natural Family Planning?
    • What is Natural Family Planning?

      When we talk about Natural Family Planning (NFP), there is always one thing that comes to mind: the calendar method. Many people are misinformed about NFP. They are led to believe that this is not effective and that this is difficult to understand. They say that this is only for women with regular cycles and those women who are lactating. People who do not know enough about NFP will not be able to appreciate its true value.

      Natural Family Planning does not refer to the so-called Calendar Rhythm Method, which is based on calendar calculations of a normal cycle. It is not the same as the Rhythm Method, which is not recommended because women have different cycle lengths. Natural Family Planning is based on direct observations of various signs that occur in a woman's body which tell her when ovulation occurs. NFP involves different methods. There is nothing wrong with employing the different methods and techniques as long as the reason is valid, the purpose is correct and the implementation is respectful of God's design.

      NFP is not only a method but is a couple's way of life of deciding responsibly the best time to have a child, provided the reasons are valid and the means are moral.

      • NFP is safe. There are no harmful side effects.
      • NFP is natural. It works without the use of devices, chemicals or medicines.
      • NFP is inexpensive. You only need to buy a thermometer and recording charts.
      • NFP works for different and irregular cycles.
      • NFP is internationally known, scientific, practical and 99% effective.
        • What values are promoted by Natural Family Planning?

          1. Outrightly natural. With the gift of life comes the capacity to transmit life, and this is the gift of fertility which comes with our being man and woman. Fertility is part of our sexuality and sexuality cannot be separated from the person. Anything that we to do affect our fertility would also affect our person. In NFP, husband and wife integrate their sex life with their periods of fertility and infertility, and make it possible to acheve or to space pregnancy without affecting their fertility. They simply follow the providentially designed natural pattern and cycle of fertility and infertility.
          2. Morally acceptable. NFP is morally acceptable because it fully respects the dignity of the person and the sacredness of the marital act.
            • NFP does not separate sex from responsibility. Married couples who perform the marital act must accept its unitive (love giving) and procreative (life-giving) aspects. While not every marital act will result in a child, it must nevertheless be open to the possibility of life. Sex is a gift that comes with a responsibility. NFP takes care of this gift by teaching couples how to use the gift responsibly.
            • NFP is based on virtue. It is based on sexual self-control which is necessary for a healthy marriage. The sexual drive is powerful yet purposive. It is not meant to be destroyed or repressed, but it is meant to be disciplined. In NFP, sexual discipline is developed. Using NFP requires abstinence from marital intercourse during fertile days if a pregnancy is to be avoided. Thiswas

              How effective is Natural Family Planning?

              What are the methods of Natural Family Planning?

              What is NFP? What are the benefits of NFP to the couple? What are the evils of contraception?

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