Overpopulation Misconception #6

  • Having two children should be the ideal family size.


Section 16 of the proposed Reproductive Health Law states: “The State shall assist couples, parents and individuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood for sustainable development and encourage them to have two children as the ideal family size.”

As of now, the Philippines' Total Fertility Rate, or children per woman, is projected to go below replacement (2.29 children per woman) by 2025. After that we will experience the population aging and collapse taking place today in rich countries and like them, we will also wish to pay parents to have more children. But unlike them, we will have no money to do so.

Pushing for only two children per family will make all this occur even earlier.

Note that two children per family would give a total fertility rate of much lower than two, since women without children would have to be included in the computation of “children per woman”, or total fertility rate.

Excerpt from Misconceptions and Clarifications on Issues Related to Humanae Vitae and the Reproductive Health Law in Philippine Congress by Rev. Fr. Gregory D. Gaston, SThD

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