Contraceptive Misconception #5

  • Natural methods are not effective.


The modern natural methods (Lawings, Sympto-Thermal, Basal Body Temperature) can be more effective than contraceptives, if they are learned and practiced as a way of life and not as “natural contraceptives.” Hence, communication, love, respect, self-discipline, and formation in the values are necessary for the natural methods to work--values that are not exclusively religious, but very human and natural as well, and values that are not necessary in the use of contraceptives.

The obsolete calendar and the rhythm methods and their modern repackagings should not be taught (including by the DOH) because of their high failure rates. Withdrawal is not a natural method, and has extremely high failure rates.

It is sad that many doctors, including OB-Gyn's, are not even familiar with many of the facts regarding the benefits of the natural methods and the medical ills of contraceptives.

Excerpt from Misconceptions and Clarifications on Issues Related to Humanae Vitae and the Reproductive Health Law in Philippine Congress by Rev. Fr. Gregory D. Gaston, SThD

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