Contraceptive Misconception #3

  • Condoms are effective in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in a country.


In Thailand and in the Philippines, the first HIV/AIDS cases were reported in 1984; by 1987, Thailand had 112 cases while the Philippines had more, with 135 cases. As of 2003, there are around 750,000 cases in Thailand, where the 100% Condom Use Program had relatively great success. On the other hand, there are only 1,935 cases in the Philippines, and this considering that the Philippines' population is around 30% greater than Thailand's!

Relatively low rates of condom use by the people in general and staunch opposition from the Church and a good number of government leaders against the condom program and sexual promiscuity are well-known facts in the Philippines.

Excerpt from Family Values Versus Safe Sex, A Reflection by His Eminence Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, Dec 1, 2003.

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